Thermo-Meters Heating and Cooling

Thermo-Meters Heating and Cooling

If you are in need of a new air conditioning system why choose us, consider hiring an HVAC Mooresville, NC company. These professionals are fully trained in repairing and installing a variety of HVAC equipment. In addition to new installation, they provide repair services for all makes and models of HVAC systems, and they also provide emergency service. For more information, visit their website or call (919) 794-0257. You can also find their contact information and schedule an appointment for service.

Thermo-Meters Heating and Cooling is a 12-year-old HVAC company located in Mooresville, NC. They specialize in heat pump, refrigeration, and heating equipment system repairs. They also perform efficiency upgrades and comfort system repairs. With more than a dozen years of experience, they offer a variety of HVAC services. HVAC Mooresville NC technicians can install heat pumps and furnaces and perform routine maintenance. They can also provide you with an estimate for the work.

The cost of a commercial HVAC Mooresville unit depends on the type of unit you want, the size of the space, and installation fees. Commercial HVAC Mooresville units can cost anywhere from $6000 to $12000. Commercial HVAC Mooresville units are generally more expensive than residential systems, but they can save you a significant amount of money. These units are usually energy-efficient, which is a great thing for businesses. They also protect employees and customers from harmful UV rays.

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