Solid Gold Jewelry Wholesale

There are many ways to get your hands on solid gold jewelry wholesale. You can browse through catalogs of gold jewelry and then filter your selections by price, color, and weight. Then you can add the pieces to your cart, and a total will appear on the screen with the labor cost, total weight in 14k, and total fine gold weight. Save your list and continue shopping later. However, you should be aware of several things before purchasing solid gold jewelry.

Extensive Inventory Of Gold Jewelry

First of all, solid gold jewelry is not yellow. Those stamped with hollow stamps are usually not solid gold. Similarly, jewelry with a magnet will reveal other metals underneath. If it doesn’t have a label, it is probably plated. Performing an acid test on a small sample of solid gold jewelry will reveal whether it is solid or gold-plated. You can perform an acid test yourself at home by using a simple kit, or you can visit a jewelry repair shop to have your jewelry professionally tested.

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