Protect Your Skin, Hair, And Lips With A Good Quality Swimming Cap

A swimming cap, also known as swimming cap or beanie cap, is an elastic, skin tight, waterproof garment, often made of acrylic, latex or soft vinyl, typically designed with a liner made of PVC or Lycra. It covers the entire head and neck, and its specialty fabric is breathable. Some caps have elastic bands around the wrist and ankle for added support and elastic cuffs at the chin and ear-to-shoulders for extra protection from the sun. The bottoms are usually made of synthetic polyester or acrylic and are also waterproof. Most swimming caps come in a variety of bright colors to make it easy to identify an individual during a pool or spa competition.

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Here Is What You Should Do For Your Swimming Cap

Cap care should be done in order to keep the swimming cap in good condition. Most swimming cap manufacturers provide directions on how to properly clean the product. A small amount of shampoo should be mixed with warm water and used to rinse the hair thoroughly; any residue of shampoo can be washed off by using cool water. If a headband is used to keep the hair attached to the swimming cap, the hair should be brushed before using the swimming cap. The use of plastic straws to drink from a pool or spa is prohibited due to the risk of ingesting excessive amounts of chlorine gas produced by chlorination. Instead, swimmers use finger cups or other non-porous drinking utensils.

Swimmers who plan to compete in swimming tournaments or events should purchase a fully lined swimming cap with an anti-frost liner. This lining will help to keep the wearer’s hair dry during competitive swimming. While many swimmers prefer to wear a swimming cap with an elastic neck, some swimmers find this uncomfortable or do not like the way the elastic fits their head. If you choose to wear a swimming cap with an elastic neck, it is important to read and follow all instructions provided with the swimming cap. To maintain the look of your swimming cap after each swim, apply a small amount of conditioner between every wear.

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