Options For Decorative Concrete

decorative concrete

Decorative concrete is the application of concrete as not only a functional material for construction but also as an aesthetic addition to a structure, particularly as an element of the construction itself such as driveways, walls, floors, and patios, while also serving its purpose as a vital component of the structure itself. There are different concrete finishes that can be utilized depending on the particular application and desired effect. This includes stamped concrete, colored aggregate, high-shine bronze, glass washed concrete, black aggregate, colored aggregate concrete, photovoltaic concrete coating, textured concrete, overlay concrete, fine aggregate, and fiber reinforced concrete. Each of these concrete finishes has its own particular benefits and pitfalls when applied to the exterior of a structure. Stamped concrete uses stamp impressions of natural materials like granite and concrete to imprint designs on the surface of the concrete and can range from simple, flat patterns, to elaborate images of animals or people. Colored aggregate concrete uses color additives to add visual interest to the concrete while providing a tough protective coating that prevents the concrete from cracking due to inclement weather.

How to choose Options For Decorative Concrete

High-shine bronze has a very smooth, reflective surface and is ideal for the outdoor setting because of its non-reflective property, which means that the exterior of your home will have no visible markings or marks to the finish dry. It’s a good choice for using concrete in the floor area of a patio or a small room, especially if you would like to contrast the design of the patio or the exterior of your house. Glass washed concrete uses a low-gloss, mirror-coated finish to create a glassy appearance on the exterior of your home, which is very attractive for smaller patios or small windows. Black aggregate can be used on driveways, walls, and floors to create a bold statement, while using fine aggregate on your patio will provide a softer, coarser, matte finish for greater aesthetic appeal.

You can easily find decorative concrete options for every aspect of your home, including driveways and floors. With new styles and colors available every year, it is easy to find a great looking variation for your home. For those who want to keep costs down, there are discount stores that offer concrete for sale at a very low price. Another option is purchasing faux decorative concrete for your patios or driveways. Faux stone and metal are also an option that provides the same look and durability that you would expect from a large-scale project with the appearance of a smaller one-time investment.

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