It’s Illegal to Possess Or Use Fireworks in Chicago

Despite the spectacular display of fireworks on New Year’s Eve, it’s illegal to possess or use fireworks in Chicago. Even legal fireworks can become illegal in Illinois if they are brought across state lines. Additionally, crossing state boundaries with fireworks is a federal offense and carries a maximum penalty of one year in prison. While there are a number of other reasons to avoid fireworks in the city, the visual appeal and nighttime atmosphere of the show are enough reasons for some people to want to take part in the Chicago celebration. More info – chicagofireworks.com

How To Save Money With It’s Illegal To Possess Or Use Fireworks In Chicago?

While many people may be excited to participate in the Chicago New Year’s Eve celebration, the event is not without risk. The vast majority of fireworks are illegal in Chicago, according to the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications. The only types of fireworks that are legal are glowworms, smoke bombs and party poppers. The sudden and loud sounds of fireworks have been shown to negatively impact veterans, pets, wildlife, and other residents.

The city’s annual Christmas Eve celebrations require a professional display and a well-organized, professional show. However, if you’re in Chicago for the holiday, you’ll be able to participate if you follow the rules and regulations. Fortunately, the city has an award-winning fireworks display company, Melrose Pyrotechnics.

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