Information About Quilts


Quilts, also called “patchwork”, are a type of bedspread that originated in the Middle Ages. Originally these quilts were made for people who could not afford to buy expensive bedding, so they made do with whatever was available around them. Quilts were made in a variety of sizes and shapes and they could be used to decorate the sleeping quarters of family members. Quilts have been around for hundreds of years, but the quilts of today are much different from the ones that were made many years ago.

Why Your Need to Know About Quilts

A quilt is actually a multi-layered textile, traditionally made up of at least two layers of coarse fiber or cloth, and sometimes three layers. Traditionally three layers are also used. These layers in a quilt generally include a coarse upper layer, a second coarse layer, and a fine-leaved fine-cloth layer. In order to give quilts their warmth, several layers of material are quilted together, so when one of the layers wears out or is damaged, another layer can be applied to replace it. Typically, comforters are quilts that are quilted on four sides, while a bedspread is usually a quilt that is quilted on only two sides.

Comforters are the most common type of quilts, while bed covers are much less common. Quilted bed covers are quilts that have been sewn flat rather than stacked one upon another. These bed covers are often called quilts as well, even though technically they are not quilts but covers. The majority of modern quilts, even those that are sold as comforters, quilts in disguise.

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