How to Select a Boom Lift

boom lift

Before operating a boom lift, you should check its operational components. Be sure to check the fuel level and the condition of the tires and hoses. You should also check the remote key switch, which controls the operation of the boom lift, and turn it to Platform Control on the ground control panel. The platform control panel also contains a red kill switch, which can be turned off by the operator in case of an emergency. In order to ensure a safe operation, you should always have a certified boom lift operator operating it.

You Should Also Consider How Many People Will Be Working On The Platform

The size of your boom lift depends on the amount of space you need to move around and the height you need to work in. You should also consider how many people will be working on the platform, and the tools they will be using. You should also think about the weight of the tools you plan to use, as well as the job surface limitations. You can select an affordable model that suits your needs perfectly. In addition, you can also get a boom lift that has self-leveling capabilities.

Despite the many uses of boom lifts, they are most useful for cherry picking. Hard-working farmers can’t function without a boom lift, and it makes harvesting ripe fruit from the tops of trees easy and quick. In addition to boom lifts, other types of boom lifts include scissor forks, towable man lifts, and scissor forks. When you’re looking for a lift for your next project, consider a boom lift.

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