How to Open a Marijuana Delivery Service in Both Arizona and New Mexico

Marijuana Delivery Service

There hasn’t been a better time to earn quick money from the marijuana industry. In addition to the new wave of states legally legalizing marijuana, the COVID- 19 federal legalization epidemic has made many financial undecided factors for online marijuana retail buyers. Sales of marijuana temporarily soared in January as eager patients and frequent customers stock-pile supplies at record speed in anticipation of possible closures by local police departments and local authorities. While marijuana possession and sales are still illegal under federal law, citizens are buying according to their personal beliefs and tolerance levels and local police departments have no say in how quickly and easily they are taken off the street.

Marijuana Delivery Service Works Only Under These Conditions

When opening a marijuana delivery service, it is imperative that you maximize your chances of success by taking full advantage of your local market. In Colorado, marijuana retail accounts are not allowed to process cash and serve customers who pay with cash. Instead, customers must use a credit card to make purchases and must rely on their cash receipts to prove that they did in fact purchase marijuana products. Applying a simple route planning app to your storefront can help your marijuana retail business greatly.

If you want to open a marijuana delivery service based in Arizona, there are a number of steps you must take and consider before setting up shop. Although marijuana is legal in both Arizona and New Mexico, these two states have very restrictive retail laws that limit where you can operate. In Arizona, marijuana businesses are limited to processing cash and only delivering to registered addresses. According to the Marijuana Enforcement Division in Arizona, this restriction makes it difficult for out-of-state entrepreneurs to enter the state-based marijuana retail market. If you plan on serving customers in Arizona and need help with route optimization, we recommend that you review our complete Marijuana Delivery Service Guide for additional information on how you can legally serve customers in Arizona and New Mexico.

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