Google’s Newest Product – Kartra Review

Kartra Review

In this Kartra review I am going to talk about the new and innovative features of Google’s new product called Kartra. As you might have guessed from the name, Kartra is a web page builder that creates landing pages based on the users inputting their first name and last name. Based on what they type in these pages to the web designers can build unique and exciting websites for their clients. In this article I will take a look at one of the coolest features of Kartra, the integration with Google AdWords. By integrating this system with Google AdWords you can start to see results almost immediately. Find out – https://funnelenthusiasts.com/kartra-review/

Google’s Newest Product – Kartra Review

One of the features that makes Google AdWords such an interesting tool for small business owners is the ability to create landing pages that are interactive. When I say interactive I mean the user activity you see when someone clicks on an ad. When you build these pages with Kartra you will be able to include things like text ads or images. This can very well be the beginning of a very big learning revolution for most small businesses.

By integrating Kartra with AdWords you can start building up your list of possible future buyers. The way this works is by creating custom landing pages that display information about your product and services. As people search through Google, they will be shown information about your products and services, as they click on the ads on your site they will be redirected to your page builder where they can enter their first name and last name in order to sign up for your email newsletter. After they are signed up you will then be able to email them about upcoming events, special deals, and sales and coupons for future purchases.

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