Aquarius Horoscope Dates

aquarius horoscope dates

The Aquarian is a sign that represents the individualistic, unconventional, and global good pursuer. These free-spirited people value friendship, creativity, and intellectual stimulation. This makes them ideal partners who are open to unique paths in relationships. In general, they are open to meeting new people and having unique experiences. However, if the Aquarian is not compatible with you, the signs of compatibility are not always the same.

How to Know Aquarius Horoscope Dates

The Aquarian horoscope dates are based on the planetary positions of the sun and moon. The Sun spends two to three days in each sign. The influence of the moon on Aquarian’s emotions is evident. While they enjoy teamwork, they also need a lot of time to be alone. If you are able to develop a close connection with an Aquarian, they will show their vulnerability. But, be aware that if you don’t feel satisfied with your partner, you might face a wall in return.

An Aquarian’s star sign dates are between January 21st and February 19th. The beginning and end date can change year to year. In astrology, these dates are referred to as Aquarius horoscope dates. This means that you can be born on a day earlier or later. You should not worry about the Aquarian horoscope dates. They are also known as the Sun’s transit through the zodiac.