Bicycles and Cycling

Bicycles and Cycology differ in that the former is a scientific study of the biomechanics of the bike, while the latter deals more with the public understanding of bike safety. The study of bicycles and cycling accidents are the basis of the Cyclists’ Safety Manual. A “cyclist” is defined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as a person operating a two-wheeled vehicle who is not carrying other objects that may injure him. A “bicycle” on the NHTSA definition is any bicycle other than a moped or motorcycle that is operated on a highway or other area devoted to vehicular travel. A “cycling” activity is a noncommercial activity designed and intended for cycling only and includes riding of bicycles from Bike Toledo, although it does not include nonmotorized bicycles such as wheelchair jockeys.

Bicycles and Cycling

Bicycles and cycling are inseparable from their share of accidents and serious injury, most of which occur on rural or suburban streets with heavy traffic and inadequate safety systems in place to protect cyclists from injury. Serious bicycle injuries occur when they are used in conjunction with other vehicles. The most deadly bicycle collision occurs when two vehicles fail to make contact and if there is no visible path of exit or side roads, or if the road conditions are such that, in the event of an accident, the victims are left hanging in the road. If bicycles are to be used as a mode of transportation on major thoroughfares, drivers should take care to avoid making deliveries of food, milk and other goods that may attract animals and other sources of pests, and should exercise due care when passing pedestrians.

In the United States, bicycles and cycling had grown in popularity over the past decade. The number of bicycles owned by adults has doubled in the past five years, and bicycling rates have increased across all socioeconomic and demographic groups. Many cities across the country have designated part of their city streets as bicycle friendly zones. Many bike shops offer a wide selection of quality bikes and accessories. With bicycling being such a safe and fun activity, it’s no wonder that bicycle-related accidents and injuries have declined steadily over the past several years.

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