Becoming a CDL (Commercial Truck Driver)

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American Trucking and Broker Companies offer truck training for their drivers to enable them to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. CDL Class A is the highest grade available for trucking and is achieved upon successful completion of a truck training program. A driver who has achieved CDL Class A is able to operate large trucks on the open road, and is able to accomplish most trucking jobs. CDL Class B is the second highest grade available.

Becoming a CDL (Commercial Truck Driver)

The Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) regulates all motor vehicle departments within the state of Oklahoma. All MVD departments require truck drivers to have completed a trucking training program before they will be issued a driver’s license from the MVD. One of the requirements that MVD requires all drivers to have is to have completed the appropriate course of truck driving education from an accredited truck school that is approved by the MVD. There are a number of trucking schools in Oklahoma that offer truck training and driving education. Some of the trucking schools that are approved by the MVD include:

A full CDL Class B CDL driver is required to have a Commercial Driver’s License or CDL Class C in order to legally operate a commercial truck in Oklahoma. Although most CDL Class C drivers are skilled and experienced, it is not uncommon for accidents to occur and some of these accidents involve injuries or fatalities. To ensure that drivers are properly trained and that they do not get into accidents that might cost them their lives, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol requires all people operating Class C motor vehicles to complete a safety training program before they will be allowed to operate a Class C motor vehicle on the roads in Oklahoma. If you want to be an authorized driver of a Class C CDL, you must complete and pass a safety training program from one of the Oklahoma truck schools.

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